Sunday, October 29, 2017

"We're Going to Say 'Merry Christmas' Again" - President Donald J. Trump

And we'll be saying it 48 hours before Halloween Eve.

Spotted on Skillman Avenue at 51st Street on Sunday afternoon, October 29.

Is this nuts or what?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Illegally Fencing-Off the Public Thoroughfare?

8 foot high chain link fence continues in existence on the west side of 41st Street between Berrian Boulevard and 19th Avenue.  Now this fencing has even been decorated with floral greenery!

PHOTO 1.  An accident waiting to happen?   Note protruding sloped 
incline planted with flowers to the left of the summit of the hill.   Who
owns this dangerously-positioned incline on this TWO WAY street?
The City of New York or the Steinway Mansion owners?

PHOTO 2.  Note the neighboring property's already existing fencing shown 
with the red hand.   Blue hand indicates the newly constructed fencing
erected by the Steinway Mansion owners.   Have they diminished perhaps
dangerously the width of the public roadway?   

PHOTO 3.  Another view of the above.   Why the need for new fencing on 
this narrowly dangerous 2-way public right of way?

PHOTO 4.  An extensive view of the fencing seen going up and over the
hill with the blocked view for the 2-way traffic.

PHOTO 5.  A recent view of this fencing now festooned with decorative 
flora.   Look closely and you can see the already existing neighboring
property's lengthy fencing.

PHOTO 6.  West of the Steinway Mansion's florally decorated and 
ambiguously-owned protruding incline.   View on 41st Street looking 
north to Berrian Boulevard.

PHOTO 7.  Same fencing looking south to 19th Avenue.

Surveying the Immediate Vicinity at the Steinway Mansion on 41st Street on an Extremely Hot Day of June 28, 2015.






Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Isn't This Precious? Posey Planting at the Steinway Mansion.

Latest developments at the Steinway Mansion, 18-33  41st Street in Astoria:  a  flower planting of perennials at the hilly incline to the west of the Mansion fencing.  Does this piece of land belong to the Mansion owners or is it public NYC property?   Have the Mansion owners expropriated this land for their own personal use?   The issue was brought up visually in our posting from last November which can be seen HERE and our posting from January which can be seen HERE.

PHOTO 1.  View from Berrian Boulevard looking south.

PHOTO 2.  Extensive floral landscaping positioned on incline east 
of the Mansion.   Who owns this incline?

PHOTO 3.  Night-time view of the recently planted westward-facing incline.
Note Mansion property fencing at the top of the incline.  41st Street runs
from north to south along the bottom of the photo.  North at left, south at right.
So, who does this incline legally belong to?  The Mansion property owners
or the City of New York?

PHOTO 4.  Bird's-eye view of the issue.   Note by top hand symbol the 
public sidewalk's position as opposed to the jutting westward of
the incline into the 41st Street roadway.

PHOTO 6.  Different angle of the bird's-eye view.

PHOTO 7.  An extensive automated watering system has been installed 
on the incline.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Blatant White Supremacy on the Upper Westside of New York City.

Will this statue of a white man  -  gun-slinging NYC born and bred President Theodore Roosevelt  -  sitting high on a horse leading red and black men on foot ever be removed from its prominent position on Central Park West?  

How many Hillary Clinton voters passed and pass this statue by for years on end without ever saying a word?  Where is "antifa"?

Five years ago (December, 2012) the Triumph of Civic Virtue statue at Queens Borough Hall HAD to go but THIS can stay?  Five years and nobody has said a thing?