Friday, December 20, 2013

"Bear Eats Man" update. [I gotta get outta here.]

But before I go, I ask you, Dear Reader, what do you think is going on here?  At least, the Rubin Foundation's $300G's is being spent wisely on fencing, no?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tempus fugit: a visit to "Civic Virtue", one year after its removal from Queens Borough Hall to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

One year ago, December 15, 2012, the statue "Civic Virtue" was removed from its decades long home next to the Queens Borough Hall.  It was transported to the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.  You can see photos and the exclusive copyrighted video I made here.  Today, a year later,December 15, 2013, I visited the statue in its new home and bring you the following photos:
Statue clearly shows the decades of neglect standing next to Queens Borough Hall.

Under the watchful gaze of "Civic Virtue" in the far-off distance, last night's snow fall blankets the cemetery graves.

The triangular intersection has been landscaped and the new base has been completed.

A serene, placid scene extends beyond the statue.  I might even rest my bones there.  How 'bout you?

As the old saw states: Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  And the Old Boy sparkles.
Even those controversial ladies enjoy those new squeaky-clean birthday suits.

A highly informative sign at the foot of the statue explains the history and controversy that has surrounded "Civic Virtue" for almost 100 years.  The next two images are the sign's explanatory copy.  (Click each image to enlarge the wording.)

Upper right photo shows "Civic Virtue" in Manhattan.  The bottom right, in Queens.  Now it's Brooklyn's turn to provide the hospitality.  Hospitality that was missing in its previous abode.  This fellow and the ladies sure gets around.  Maybe one for the Guiness Book of Records? - The World's Most Travelled Statue?  Anyplace next on the itinerary?

A blast from the past: my visit of September 24.  These two photos show the cemetery workers preparing the new base and grassy landscaping.  A meticulously dedicated endeavor to making the statue look presentable.  A far cry from what it experienced in the decades of neglect on Queens Boulevard.
Left:  covered with grit and grime outside of the Queens Borough Hall (before) / Right: cared for and cleaned in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery (after)







Saturday, December 14, 2013

Is this gauche or what?

Woodside warmly welcomes visitors to the intersection of Broadway and 58th Street where...

...on Saturday, September 28...

...19 year old Luis Bravo was killed by a ...

...hit and run driver who has eluded capture to this day.

A beautiful welcoming sign has subsequently been erected to commemorate this event.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello Philanthropists Shelley & Donald Rubin - of Rubin Museum of Art Fame! (An open letter for public view.)

Hello Mrs. and Mr. Rubin! It has come to my attention that in October you were featured and photographed in the New York Times at the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens. However, nowhere in that photograph do we see the presence of the Socrates' so-called artwork "Bear Eats Man" - a sculpture that shows a bear engaging in bestiality with a male human figure. For your information, it is off to the left in your photo. Did you know that it was there? If so, were you embarassed to be seen with it? Do you approve of its appearance on NYC parkland?

In any event, the New York Times article mentions that your foundation has donated $300,000 to the Socrates Sculpture Park. Mrs. and Mr. Rubin, will these monies be spent on future installations depicting such pornographic activity? For your information, this issue of the "sculpture's" appropriateness in a public venue has recently been explored on two postings of the widely-read and highly-influential Queens Crap blog site which you can read here and here.

Mrs. and Mr. Rubin, your comments on this controversial matter would be welcomed by myself and the readers. The favor of your reply would be appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Passing the Buck at Socrates. Anything goes.

Who's in charge here?  The NYC Department of Parks abjures its role in overseeing the content of works of "art" appearing in the public realm:  "NYC Parks is not responsible for - nor forms opinions of - the artistic content of the installations . . ."  Just who's "turf" is this?  A nebulous "artists' coalition" or the city taxpayers?

A magnifying glass is needed to even notice the "artists' coalition'' alert to those offended by public pornography.

Reading glasses may be required to further investigate the warning depicted on the easily-overlooked miniscule "alert".

Seems to me, if it walks like a NYC Parks Department duck...

...talks like a NYC Parks Department duck... must be a duck - a NYC Parks Department duck.  No?

In the interim, since my last posting, vandalism has been visited thereon.

A disgusting display of "art" compounded by a disgusting display of utilitarian purpose.