Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To all my friends in Queens. Having a wonderful time in Brooklyn. The trip here went fine altho a bit bumpy at times. I've got a room with a great view. The neighbors are nice and quiet and lot of tourists come to visit. Wish you were here! Best to you all...Civvy V. PS The "girls" say hello too.

While you slept: Saturday, December 15, 2012. The execution and removal of "The Triumph of Civic Virtue" from Queens Borough Hall.

The gallows: Queens Borough Hall.

The hearse awaits the body of Civic Virtue.

Workers ready the execution site.

Civic Virtue stoically awaits his fate.

No reprieve.

Behold!  This is Queens.

The undertakers receive the corpse.

Guiding the coffin to the hearse.

Identifying the victim.

Queens officialdom blesses the event.

The funeral procession of the Queens statue - and ideal - of Civic Virtue
procedes to a cemetery in Brooklyn.