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To all my friends in Queens. Having a wonderful time in Brooklyn. The trip here went fine altho a bit bumpy at times. I've got a room with a great view. The neighbors are nice and quiet and lot of tourists come to visit. Wish you were here! Best to you all...Civvy V. PS The "girls" say hello too.

While you slept: Saturday, December 15, 2012. The execution and removal of "The Triumph of Civic Virtue" from Queens Borough Hall.

The gallows: Queens Borough Hall.

The hearse awaits the body of Civic Virtue.

Workers ready the execution site.

Civic Virtue stoically awaits his fate.

No reprieve.

Behold!  This is Queens.

The undertakers receive the corpse.

Guiding the coffin to the hearse.

Identifying the victim.

Queens officialdom blesses the event.

The funeral procession of the Queens statue - and ideal - of Civic Virtue
procedes to a cemetery in Brooklyn.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A "turd" term for the President?

      Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, proudly shows off his recently-created artwork showing a bobble-headed figure of President Obama in a jar of ersatz fecal matter.  Mr. Donohue created same in response to the opening of the infamous Andres Serrano depiction of the crucified Jesus in a container of the artist's urine - Piss Christ.   Mr. Donohue's organization held a protest gathering on Thursday evening, September 27 in front of the Edward Tyler Nahem art gallery (37 West 57th Street, NYC) which is displaying Serrano's work on its premises.  Mr. Donohue maintains that President Obama engages in the height of hypocrisy by condemning the recent controversial movie The Innocence of Muslims which has caused unrest in the Islamic world and not condemning what the Catholic League maintains is an insult to Christianity.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

An appeal to the Italian-American community of New York / Un appello alla comunità italo-americana di New York

Signore e signori. Care amici. / Ladies and Gentlemen. Dear friends:

Here is a photograph of the distinguished/distinto New York City-based Italian immigrant Piccirilli Brothers (i Fratelli Piccirilli), master stone carvers/scalpellini of some of our town's and the country's greatest monuments/monumenti. You can read about their illustrious history/storia illustre and artistic accomplishments/realizzazione artistiche here/qui. Famed for carving the New York Public Library's iconic lions/leoni iconiche, the U.S.S. Maine Monument at the entrance/ingresso to Central Park, statuary/statuario on the NY Stock Exchange and the United States Capitol/il Campidoglio del Stati Uniti. They carved the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (La Tomba del Milite Ingnoto) in Arlington National Cemetery. They worked with the greatest/il più grande American architects and sculptors of their day: Carrère and Hastings, Daniel Chester French, Stanford White, et alia.

They also collaborated with the reknowned sculptor/scultore Frederick MacMonnies on the work of the statuary grouping known as "Civic Virtue" ("Virtù Civiche")- an artistic allegory depicting the conquering of Vice and Corruption (Vizio e Corruzione) in governmental affairs. This work of art was situated next to Queens Borough Hall for decades/decenni. It's tortured history - una vera storia tormentata!!! -can be read here/qui.
It was moved from it's original emplacement outside of City Hall in Manhattan because the then Mayor/Sindaco, a veritable artistic ignoramus / un vero ignorante artistico, Fiorello LaGuardia, it is said, could not stand looking at the statue's arse/culo. A person who hated his own heritage! /Odiava il proprio patrimonio! So it was shipped off to the "hinterlands" ("regioni arretrate") of Queens where it stood totally neglected, non-maintained, and exposed to the elements. This was the thanks that the great Italian-American Piccirilli Brothers were given by the civic authorities/autorità civili for the brothers' magnificent artistic endeavors. The statue stood there, ignored, unmaintained, and unloved/ ignorato, non mantenuto, e amati, through the years. But to make matters worse, the ignominy/ignominia of Political Correctness/Correttezza Politica reared its ugly head/brutta testa.

La statua fu considerata umiliante per le donne!! (The statue was considered demeaning to women!!) Why? It was alleged that the Conqueror, Civic Virtue, was slaying 2 women in the guise of snakes. Pandering-to-the public politicians, with nothing else to do, paraded in front of it demanding that it be sold off on Craigs List: here is the House of Representatives disgraced sex-pervert/sesso pervertito Anthony/Antonio Weiner opining on its merits. (If you look carefully, you can see, the ineffective/inefficace Ann/Anna Jawin of the Center for the Women of New York, standing under her umbrella/ombrello, like a Bobble-head doll/bambola, nodding in agreement.) -

There you have it folks. The statue, a sterling example of Italian-American artisanry/artigianato, has been castigated instead of honored. What is its message? It champions "civic virtue" - something that that should be lauded/lodato and not despised/disprezzato. It's future has yet to be written.  Help write it.  (Il futura deve essere scritto.  Aiutare a scrivere.)

A slap in the face to Italian-American endeavor?/ Uno sciaffo in faccia al sforzo italo-americano?

An insult to the legacy of the italian-american community?/Un insulto al retaggio dalla comunità italo-americana?

It is time to wake up! It is time for action!/È il momento di svegliarsi! È tempo per l'azione!

Don't let them steal it from you. Fix it! Honor your ancestry!/Non lasciarli a rubare da voi! Ripararlo! Onorare la vostra discendenza!


With kind regards, georgetheatheist / Saluti, giorgiol'ateo

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Commie rats on Broadway, Manhattan

The verminous Occupy Wall Street
collectivists, ignorant of the insignia's history, hoist the hated hammer and sickle banner. Broadway & 12th Street, Manhattan; May 1, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Open letter to Ann Juliano Jawin, Founder of the Center for the Women of New York:

Dear Ms Jawin: Next Saturday, April 28, 2012, your esteemed organization, the Center for the Women of New York will be honoring Assemblywoman Grace Meng at the Douglaston Manor with one of your "Women in Leadership" Awards. As you are well aware, Assemblywoman Meng has employed as a campaign consultant in her race for the United State House of Representatives, the Multi Media consulting firm headed by the long time Associate Publisher of the Queens Tribune, Michael Nussbaum. Multi Media shares the same premises with the Queens Tribune. As you are further aware, the Queens Tribune is notorious for having published and continuing to publish demeaning-to-women sex-trafficking classified ads in its back pages. How can your organization, a champion of women's rights, in good faith laud Ms Meng by presenting her an award when she is indirectly promoting this degradation of women through her affiliation
with Multi Media? Your organization states that you are "Honoring women . . . who are committed to women's rights . . ." It makes absolutely no sense. Assemblywoman Meng's relationship to Multi Media is a commitment to women's rights? Is this a joke? Your public reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, GeorgetheAtheist

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