Thursday, September 27, 2012

A "turd" term for the President?

      Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, proudly shows off his recently-created artwork showing a bobble-headed figure of President Obama in a jar of ersatz fecal matter.  Mr. Donohue created same in response to the opening of the infamous Andres Serrano depiction of the crucified Jesus in a container of the artist's urine - Piss Christ.   Mr. Donohue's organization held a protest gathering on Thursday evening, September 27 in front of the Edward Tyler Nahem art gallery (37 West 57th Street, NYC) which is displaying Serrano's work on its premises.  Mr. Donohue maintains that President Obama engages in the height of hypocrisy by condemning the recent controversial movie The Innocence of Muslims which has caused unrest in the Islamic world and not condemning what the Catholic League maintains is an insult to Christianity.

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Helen said...

Hope Mr. Donahue won't allow that Guinness to go to waste.