Friday, September 20, 2013

Sukkah Slams Sidewalk Shut

I made a complaint to 311 in the early hours of Thursday, 9/19/13, that an immense structure was blocking pedestrian access to the sidewalk at the corner of 71st Road and Main Street in the Queens neighborhood of Kew Gardens Hills.  The offending edifice is adjacent to the restaurant called Simon's Pizza/Felafel.  This structure is commonly known in the Hebrew community as a sukkah.  Depicted above is the response I received from 311 that police action was not necessary and that the sidewalk was passable and that a community affairs officer was to be notified.  36 hours later, on Friday afternoon, 9/20/13,  I shot the photos depicted below that show that nothing had changed.  The 107th Precinct (Captain Frederick Grover, Commanding Officer)  is responsible for this condition to fester.   According to the Code of the NYC Department of Sanitation:  "It is illegal for anyone to place or leave any box, barrel, bale of merchandise, or other moveable property (regardless of ownership), upon any public street or any public place."  (Paragraph 16-122(b).  Fine: $100-$150)

Overall view of the illegality.
Closer view of the sidewalk obstruction.

Ramshackle structure causes dangerous conditions for pedestrians.

107th Precinct ignores plea for citizens' safety.

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