Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Passing the Buck at Socrates. Anything goes.

Who's in charge here?  The NYC Department of Parks abjures its role in overseeing the content of works of "art" appearing in the public realm:  "NYC Parks is not responsible for - nor forms opinions of - the artistic content of the installations . . ."  Just who's "turf" is this?  A nebulous "artists' coalition" or the city taxpayers?

A magnifying glass is needed to even notice the "artists' coalition'' alert to those offended by public pornography.

Reading glasses may be required to further investigate the warning depicted on the easily-overlooked miniscule "alert".

Seems to me, if it walks like a NYC Parks Department duck...

...talks like a NYC Parks Department duck... must be a duck - a NYC Parks Department duck.  No?

In the interim, since my last posting, vandalism has been visited thereon.

A disgusting display of "art" compounded by a disgusting display of utilitarian purpose.

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