Sunday, October 25, 2015

Francesca Agrusa Accetturi: Steinway Mansion Mystery Woman.

Almost 6 weeks ago (September 17), unbeknownst to the general public, a certain Astoria resident by the name of Francesca Agrusa Accetturi

posted on her Face book page seen here (September 17 entry) and the Face Book page of the Steinway mansion seen here (September 17 entry) photographs taken inside the Mansion.  These can be seen below.  Agrusa Accetturi claims on her own FB page that these photos were taken by her husband Mark.  [Please note: 1) the creature to her right in the photo above is not hubby Mark and 2) the FB page Steinway Mansion is not the same as the FB page Friends of Steinway Mansion.]   These are the latest interior shots of the Mansion that I have found to date.

QUESTIONS:  How did these people get access to the inside of the Mansion?  Did they walk in on their own volition OR were they invited inside by someone else? If so, who? Note the extensive touring of the Mansion from the photos: from the tower to the basement.  

And a coincidence.  Note in the last photo posted here that Francesca Agrusa Accetturi lives a few houses away from Peter Vallone, Jr. on 19th Street in Astoria (cross street:  21st Road)

(Click on each image for an enlarged view.)

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