Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go. Sewage Pipes Begin To Be Installed for the Caliendo-Designed Warehouses at the Desecrated Steinway Mansion Historical Heritage Site (November 17, 2015)

(Click on each photo for an enlarged view.)

(Photo 1)

Who ya gonna call?

(Photo 2)

Site awaits the pipe emplacement.

(Photo 3)

(Photo 4)

(Photo 5)

Pipes galore.

(Photo 6)

Enuf of the blather.  Let's get to work.

(Photo 7a & b)

DEP guy checks the paperwork.

(Photo 9)

Taking the lay of the land.

(Photo 10)

Cup of Noodles styrofoam keeps the dust down...

(Photo 11) they drill into the main sewer line.

(Photo 12)

Happy workmen.

(Photo 13)

The road to perdition.

(Photo 14

Capped entrance for later "bombs away!"

(Photo 15)

Clearly identified so it cannot get lost.

(Photo 16)

Attention motorists.  No need to fear 
the big hole in the ground.

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