Friday, September 2, 2016

EXCLUSIVE. NYC Park Rangers Search For Coyotes At Astoria Mountain (9/2/16).

Still from YouTube video linked below.   This is what is up there:

NYC Park Rangers arrive on Berrian Boulevard to investigate reports of coyote pack on Astoria Mountain:

Inquiring at the Port Authority guard house for information of the pack's recent appearance:

Skull session as to how to procede:


Park rangers warily approaching the mountain slope:


Man vs. Mountain vs. Coyotes:


Looking for traces of the pack:

Nothing found during daylight hours:

Anyone hear this in the immediate neighborhood?   Hide your pet dogs and cats and young children.  Danger lurks.  Click:

Advice to the NYC Parks Department as to how to attract coyotes for possible capture. Then possible shooting or trapping?  (For those pressed for time, start viewing at 07:45.) Click:

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