Tuesday, October 25, 2016

EXCLUSIVE. Onward and Upward (?) at the Steinway Mansion. Further Landscaping Development. (October 25, 2016)

Photo 1.  Mansion still hidden behind large group of trees in upper right quadrant.  View from 19th Avenue looking north up the two-way (!) 41st Street.   Note the bottle-necked roadway at the top of the hill.   Site for future accidents when the "Steinway Park" [sic] warehouses are occupied and put into use?

Photo 2.  The main entrance gate viewed from the extremely narrow 41st Street.

Photo 3.  View from the gate to the bottle-necked 41st Street.  Driveway broken up for possible surfacing with stacked-up blocks seen at far right in Photo 2?

Photo 4.  View over the gate with the three new warehouses in the distance.   Gravel surface in foreground for vehicle parking?

Photo 5.  Newly-planted grass surrounds the pathway pavers.

Photo 6.   View from Berrian Boulevard looking south along 41st Street.

Photo 7.  1858 (top) vs. 2016 (bottom).

Photo 8.  The construction of the warehouses continues.

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