Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bestiality Sanctioned at Queens Park. An open letter to the New York City Parks Commissioner Veronica White.

Dear Ms White:  I recently discovered this work of "art" at the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City.  Please see photos below.  I was curious as to how the Parks Department of which you are the Commissioner ever approved of the emplacement of such an item?   I am certain many citizens would find and have found in it moral offense in its visual obscenity.  Do you? 

Surely you are aware that this so-called "sculpture" is situated on parkland that is tax-payer supported?  Was there ever a public hearing held on the appropriateness of this so-called "sculpture"? 

 According to the "artist" Thordis Adalsteinsdottir in her statement found on the website of the Socrates Sculpture Park the so-called "work" entitled "Bear Eats Man" represents a "confrontation between man and nature".  Now really, Ms White, do these photos show you, a highly-educated individual - a graduate of Harvard Law School, a bear eating a man?  And just where is that "confrontation"?  It appears to me that the bear has the upper hand here.
Ms White, do you, that highly-educated individual - and graduate of Harvard Law School -  truly believe this cock and bull copy that Ms Adalsteinsdottir has written for the Socrates Sculpture Park:

"...this narrative depicts a moment of shock and death."  What?  Death by tumescence?

"The wild bear looms over man while sinking his teeth into the man's shoulder."  You see teeth here?  I sense something else is being sunk into that poor fellow.  Even his buttocks are bloody red!

" 'Man' is depicted with eyes wide open, nude and in state [sic] of adrenaline-fed surprise."  Ms White, you are a highly paid individual in the Bloomberg administration.  Did you ever proof-read this amateurish blowsy copy?

"The wild bear looms over the man while sinking his teeth into the man's shoulder, succumbing to the physical power of nature and exposing his own vulnerability.''  Who succumbs?  The bear?  The teeth?   Or the man's shoulder?  Certainly other body parts do not "succumb".

Ms White, little innocent New York City School children visit this park quite often.  Must they be subjected to such an offensive, disgraceful and outrageous depiction of bad taste, questionable "art", and obvious pornography?  I submit this borders on child abuse.  Just what is going on with the New York City Parks Department under your aegis which champions this blatant display of bestiality?

Sincerely Yours,


Helen said...

Politicians considered "Civic Virtue" to be "offensive" yet garbage like THIS is in a public park.

Great photo essay, George!

BtmSub RI said...

what a lot of fuss over nothing....

Queens Crapper said...

Ah, the Times readers have arrived! On my blog as well.

To Serve Man... said...

Dear George-
I read your "expose of beastiality" as a provocative needling of the public's propensity to "Cry Bear".

I see nothing in the sculpture to represent any more beastiality than is evident in any other "bear eating a man" scenario.

The beastial nature of wild bears and the beastial naure of man is evidenced every day across the world. The wars for oil, land, food, and property are more beastial than that of bears consuming human flesh..

Flipmora said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear George

Have you by any chance examined your own willingess to see the purported arousal of the man (please note that the phallus points down instead of up) and the possible yet highly unlikely penetration by the bear.
Is it possible that the whole scenario is in your mind? To me the pictures show nothing but a naked man being bitten / sniffed / touched by the snout of a bear. Does the fact that the man seems naked trouble you so much?
Please look into your own mind before allowing us such a plain view of your innermost thoughts. Perhaps you will exercise more restraint or discretion when you realize how much you really tell us about yourself by your remarks.

Anonymous said...

The phallus points down because the man's pelvis is downward. The phallus is unquestionably erect. Also, why is the man's buttocks blood red?