Saturday, January 2, 2016

Does The Extremely Narrow 41st Street Pose A Construction Dilemma At The Steinway Historical Heritage Site?

Bordering on the east side of the Steinway Mansion lies the two-way traffic 41st Street.  As you can see in the photo below there is only a 12 foot wide clearance at the top of the hill next to the Mansion.
(Photo 1)

 Only one vehicle at a time can traverse this dangerous bottleneck shown by red arrow below.  (Looking north.)
(Photo 2)

And pedestrians must be extra careful there because the sidewalk ends where the arrow is pointing.
(Photo 3)

View of 41st Street (below) looking southward.  Plumbing contractor begins work at this location (December 29).  Red arrow indicates the bottleneck.
(Photo 4)

Plumbing contractor workers and vehicle block half the street just under this narrow passageway.
(Photo 5)

Red arrow below indicates the end of the pedestrian sidewalk on the north side of 41st Street.
(Photo 6)

Photo of August 15 here shows the north side of the 41st Street passageway.  No street construction yet underway.
(Photo 7)

Plumbing contractor begins street excavation on December 29...
(Photo 8)

...on the heavily-used by trucks thoroughfare.   [Does this look safe to you?]
(Photo 9)

Plumbing contractor covered excavation area on the Mansion's north side of 41st Street (below).  As you can see on the schematic drawing on the left side of the fence here, 3 warehouses will be built each needing entrance and egress onto the extremely narrow and dangerous to drive 41st Street.  There are businesses north of the hill's summit and businesses south of it.  All depend on the street being open to vehicular and even pedestrian traffic.  And where will the sidewalks, if any, be built?
(Photo 10)

What planning has been done to accommodate all of this?

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