Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Steinway Mansion and the Great Blizzard of January 23, 2016.

(Click on each photo for an enlarged view.)

Photo 1  (41st Street looking north.  Steinway Mansion at right  behind trees.)

Photo 2  (41st Street looking north.)

Photo 3   (Snow blocks main entrance of the Italian-imported gate.)

Photo 4  (41st Street looking north.  A long way down.)

Photo 5  (On 42nd Street looking south.   Warehouses' skeleton facades.)

Photo 6  (Top: early morning blizzard begins.  Bottom: the aftermath.)

Photo 7  (View looking west.)

Photo 8  (Panorama on 42nd Street.)

Photo 9  (42nd Street looking north to Berrian Boulevard.)

Photo 10  (Then and Now #1)

Photo 11  (41st Street looking south.)

Photo 12  (Fence damaged by the blizzard.)

Photo 13  (Fence damged by the blizzard.)

Photo 14  (2nd floor window open...interior damage to this landmark?)

Photo 15  (Then and Now #2.  2nd floor window open...interior damage
 to this landmark?)

Photo 16  (Then and Now #3)

Photo 17  (Looking across damaged fence to Mansion facade.)

Photo 18  (Looking north across fallen snow.)

Photo 19  (41st Street looking south with Steinway stables in right distance.)

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