Saturday, July 16, 2016

Visitors Misled to Astoria Sights. Plus Update of Steinway Mansion's Visual Defilement. (July 16, 2016)

It has come to our attention that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority misleads potential visitors to the sights of Astoria.   One egregious error: the emplacement of the Steinway piano factory on the wrong side of the street on an official map.  See below.

Site of the sightseeing screw-up - this subway station on Broadway in Astoria:

Red arrow here and below points out the blunder on the official MTA map:

The map was designed, along with other things,  to promote tourism in the Greater Astoria neighborhood:

Among the sites not to be missed -  the world-renowned Steinway Piano Factory and the NYC landmarked Steinway Mansion:

The Steinway Mansion is correctly positioned on 41st street on the map.   However, the Steinway Piano Factory is incorrectly positioned on the south side of its street, Steinway Place.  It should be on the north side.  Also, Berrian Boulevard is not a through street between Steinway Place and Steinway Street:

In the meantime, visitors to the Steinway Historic Area, will see this ongoing aesthetic desecration of the Mansion site with the construction of utilitarian warehouses on 41st Street.  (Brought to you by the owners, Philip Loria and Salvatore Lucchese as well as their "architect" Gerald Caliendo.):

And the Steinway Historic Area visitor will also see the on-going visual lie to potential buyers that the Mansion is visible above the almost completed warehouses on 42nd Street:

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