Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Winky Dink At The Steinway Mansion. Kids, He's Back. From The 1950's! Now You Too Can Have Some Modern Internet Interactive Fun on Your Computer Screen.

That's right Winky Dink spotted at the Steinway Mansion!   Grab your favorite crayon color and follow the instructions.   (Be sure to cover your computer screen with some kind of plastic wrap.   You don't want to p-o Mom and Dad by putting greasy crayon directly on the computer screen.)

First, note the wonderful scene we're going to color in.   Those are masonry blocks getting ready to obfuscate the view of the Steinway Mansion from the 41st Street Side of the property.   But don't worry, we'll hide the view of the mansion before the owners (Loria and Lucchese) and their architect (Caliendo) can: 

Now kids, check out points A and B below.   A is on the northern masonry warehouse wall while B is on the southern masonry wall.   Eventually these points will be connected via roofing!   BUT we're going to beat them, the owners and the architect,  to the punch!

Now be sure you've covered your computer screen with some kind of plastic wrap - remember you don't want Mom and Dad to have a sh--t fit for f---ing up the computer (ha-ha-ha) - and draw a straight line between points A and B.  Why?   Because you'll be drawing the roof line of the planned "Steinway Park" warehouses:

Now, here's where the real fun comes in!   Take your favorite crayon and color in all the space between the 2 walls and then from the line you drew at the top to the construction fence.   (I used my black crayon in mourning for the Mansion but the color choice is completely yours.)

Now wasn't that fun?   Not only did you depict the warehouses'  future presence but you've also eliminated a good chunk more of the Mansion from street level view.

And see how more and more of the Mansion on it's 41st Street side progressively got lost from this view:

You did a good job kids.   Now go outside and play.  And please don't worry that this building's exterior landmarked facade is no longer visible externally.   It's quintessential Astoria.  It's quintessential Queens.

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