Monday, July 10, 2017

EXCLUSIVE. After Decades Missing, Steinway Mansion Portico Roof Being Reconstructed. Mansion Update (July 10, 2017)

PHOTO 1.   Nineteenth century drawing showing the portico's roof
with balustrade fencing on top (large red hand).  Similar balustrade fencing atop the tower
surrounding the cupola (smaller red hand) - presently missing as well.

PHOTO 2.  The Steinway family in this late 19th century photo
under the roofed portico entrance.

PHOTO 3.  The late mansion former owner, Mike Halberian, points to the
missing portico roof which was removed decades ago because of its
dilapidated condition.   Note extensive foreground landscaping which
no longer exists because of the presence of newly-constructed warehouses.

PHOTO 4.   Mike Halberian standing in the same spot as the Steinway family
seen in Photo 2 (above).   Mike's pet chicken, seen here in the foreground is positioned
at about the second floor of the intruding newly-constructed warehouses.

PHOTO 5.  The beginning of the reconstruction of the portico's roof.

PHOTO 6.  Portico roof reconstruction.

PHOTO 7.  Portico roof reconstruction.  Note flower urns seen in photo 1.

PHOTO 8.  Portico roof reconstruction.

PHOTO 9.  Way atop the tower, the now copper-clad cupola's weathered plywood door
has been replaced.

PHOTO 10.   Copper rain leader.

PHOTO 11.  Extensive use of copper materials in building renovation.  
Seen here: Copper flashing.

To what purpose all of this?   Now that the
magnificent entrance view toward the 1858 NYC
landmarked edifice cannot be seen from street level? 
(Photo 12 below.)  What could have been an artistically-stirring vista to the Mansion's grand entrance
(see Mike Halberian's "chicken photo" #4 above) has
now been obliterated by the warehouse construction. 
  What kind of nincompoop architect designed this?
   What kind of nitwit owners acquiesced to this design? 
  What kind of jack-ass Chamber of Commerce gave these mooks an award of distinction for
this aesthetic mayhem?
  (See our post of last December 21.)

PHOTO 12.  Newly-constructed warehouses and the Steinway Mansion as seen
from 41st Street, between Berrian Boulevard and 19th Avenue.

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