Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Off-Duty Cops Get To Park On Sidewalk Next To Bicycle Lane.

Who:  The Columbia Association of the NYPD.
Where:  In Elmhurst on the Queens Boulevard south service road between the new Georgia Diner and Grand Avenue.
When:  Tuesday evening, November 26, 2019.
What:  Columbia Association police membership needs convenient and difficult to find on-street parking.
Why:  It seems that this membership has parking privileges that the rest of the citizenry does not.  

If the Queens Boulevard bike lanes are kept clear, as seen in these photos, why can't all drivers then park on the sidewalk like these off-duty cops?

Photo 1.   Regular street parking cannot be found, so we
 drive up onto the sidewalk.  Nice.

Photo 2.  As far as the eye can see, along the service road:
 dozens of bumper-to-bumper private cop-owned cars
 parked to the right of the bike lane up on the sidewalk.
  The Grand Avenue cross street is just below photo at the
 bottom.  The Georgia Diner is situated way off in the
 distance in the upper left behind the stopped bus.

Photo 3.  No standing . . . unless you're privileged.

Photo 4.  The Italian Charities of America building at
the corner of Queens Boulevard and Van Loon Street at
the right - the site of the monthly NYPD Columbia Association

Photo 5.  Illegally parked vehicles "respect" the bike lane by
not intruding on it although the drivers' sides of these vehicles
are on the sidewalk.   Why can't non- police owned vehicles 
do the same in light of the recent loss of parking spaces
caused by bicycle lane construction?

Photo 6.  All that's needed is an official placard?

Photo 7.  A police officer's privately-owned vehicle exits the
illegal parking area into rush hour congested single-lane

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