Friday, November 15, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Steinway Mansion Update.

We asked 14 months ago - HERE - what was to become of the parcel of land immediately adjacent south of the Steinway Mansion.


Photo 1. Schematic of  a 2-story manufacturing building
 with cellar designed by Gerald Caliendo and owned by 
Philip Loria (1839LorLLC) and Sal Lucchese (1839 LuccLLC).

Photo 2.  Looking east across the extremely narrow 41st Street
at 18-39, the former property of the late owner Armin Urban.

Photo 3.  All's quiet at night as bulldozer "sleeps" for
the next day's foundation excavation work.

Photo 4.  Steinway Mansion to be further hemmed in by
additional proximate development.

Photo 5.  It's official.  Who's who.  What's what.
 And where and when.

Photo 6.  In the meantime, major traffic headaches have already
begun on the summit and approaches of the extremely
 dangerous and narrow 41st street immediately
 adjacent west of the Steinway Mansion.

Photo 7.  Constant truck traffic enters and exits the property for
the excavation soil removal.

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