Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Steinway Mansion permits.

That construction caravan moves onward at the historic iconic Steinway Mansion site in Astoria.

(Please click on each image for an enlarged view.)

PHOTO 1:  Newly emplaced signage on the fence in front of the 42nd Street side of the Steinway Mansion property.

PHOTO 2:  Architectural drawing of the 4 proposed warehouses.

PHOTO 3:  Work permits for 2 of those 42nd Street  warehouses.

PHOTO 4:  Work permits for the other two 42nd Street warehouses.
PHOTO 5: The 41st Street side of the property.   Note signage at the far right of the green fence.  This was emplaced today.  Close-up below,.

PHOTO 6:  Permit signage on the 41st Street fencing.

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