Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Beat Goes On. At the Steinway Front.

Despite yeoman efforts by many, the destruction of the Steinway historical site continues.

(Click on image for an enlarged view.)

The Beast rests on the evening of Monday, June 8.

But Tuesday, June 9, the devastation begins anew.

Cubic yards and yards of historic Queens legacy removed . . .

. . . for your viewing.
The instigators of this production of mayhem and destruction.

Meanwhile, not far from the Steinway historical site, at the corner of 20th Avenue and Steinway Street, new residential units are going up - condos?   This being 3 zig-zagged blocks from the Mansion.

Ecce homo!   A familiar architect's name on the residential units' perimeter fencing.

The envisioned product rises as the Steinway historical legacy falls.  Each within proverbial spitting distance of each other.  Is this nuts or what?

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