Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Steinway Mansion update

A dreary rainy Monday (June 1) and Tuesday (June 2) showed continuous excavation work performed on the Steinway Mansion site.  Note particularly the fencing installed and blocking sidewalk passage on the Mansion's eastern side on 42nd Street.  Perhaps the owners and that "award-winning" architect  want to keep you, Dear Readers, from "seeing" what's transpiring here.

(Please click on each photo for larger, more detailed views.)

PHOTO 1:  Warehouse trench site dug deeper.

PHOTO 2:  Flimsily covered fencing "protects" mansion from heavy-duty construction equipment.

PHOTO 3: Same as above.

PHOTO 4: Entrance to the grounds from the front gate.   Note the proximity of any future warehouse delivery trucks to the Mansion.

PHOTO 5:   Any Native American artifacts or bones buried in this muck and mire?

PHOTO 6:  Note the flimsy Rent-a-Fence "protecting" the Mansion's iconic urns (bottom right quadrant).

PHOTO 7:  Newly-erected fencing.  Looking south on the western side of the Mansion on 41st Street.

PHOTO 8:  Looking north on the Mansion's western side at a quite narrow one-lane 41st Street.

PHOTO 9:  Newly-erected fencing blocking sidewalk passage.  Looking south on the Mansion's eastern side at 42nd Street.

PHOTO 10:  Same as above.

PHOTO 11:  Newly-erected fencing showing blocked sidewalk.  Looking west from middle of 42nd Street.

PHOTO 12:  Newly-erected fencing showing blocked sidewalk.  Looking north on Mansion's eastern side at 42nd Street.

PHOTO 12:  Same as above.

PHOTO 13:  Same as above.

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