Wednesday, November 2, 2016

EXCLUSIVE. Last of the Weeds and Wild Foliage Removed from East Side of 41st Street and the Mansion Incline. (November 2, 2016)

Photo 1.  Weeds, foliage, and undergrowth being removed from the incline.

Photo 2.  The newly denuded landscape.

Photo 3.  Warehouses at left and the apex of the 41st Street hill at right.

Photo 4.  Looking north on 41st Street and its 12 foot width - a two-way thoroughfare!

Photo 5.  Newly applied black top entrance to the original Mansion gate.

Photo 6.  Looking north along 41st Street to Berrian Boulevard.

Photo 7.  Looking south along 41st Street.

Photo 8.  Another view of the freshly black-topped driveway while looking south with heavy truck traffic passing by the Mansion.

Photo 9.   Looking north along the two-way 41st Street with an obstructed view of oncoming traffic.  No traffic control signage present.

Photo 10.   What further development for this incline?

Photo 11.  Warehouse, Mansion, bouldered  hill, and a tiny waxing crescent moon (above the orange lights).

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