Tuesday, November 1, 2016

EXCLUSIVE. Vest-Pocket Park or Immense Bioswale? Getting Its Rocks "On": Area Between the Warehouses and Steinway Mansion Gets Landscaped. (November 1, 2016)

Photo 1.  Mysterious space between the warehouses and the Mansion indicated by the arrow.

Photo 2.   For over fourteen months, this short wall confounded blog readers as to its purpose.

Photo 3.   The beginning of the construction of the short wall.

Photo 4.   Landscaping boulders begin their appearance on the incline.

Photo 5.  Additional boulders await their turn to appear on the incline held back by the short wall..

Photo 6.  In addition to the boulders, perhaps seasonal plantings?   Perhaps a running water fountain?

Photo 7.   Meanwhile the lawn in front of the main entrance seems to have been grassed over completely.

Photo 8.   Former owner Mike Halberian's book collection still on the shelves - as he left it when he died almost 6 years ago this December.

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