Sunday, November 6, 2016

Steinway Mansion Unanswered Questions: Who Owns This Piece of Land Et Cetera?

Where's the survey of this NYC historic landmark?

Photo 1.  Note green construction fencing entering from the left - then reaching the center and next shooting upward.  For 19 months - since April 2015 - this fencing continued  zig-zagging rightward ALONG THE TOP OF THE INCLINE.  Red arrow indicates area in question.  (See next photo.)

Photo 2.  The 2015 first image continues showing the zig-zagging nature of the fencing separating the Mansion front lawn (upper right) from the untamed foliage on the incline.   If this property belonged to the Mansion per se, why was the green construction fencing not continued along at street level as seen in Photo 1 above?

Photo 3.   Do the owners of the Steinway Mansion property have legal ownership of this incline whereon now terraced landscaping procedes?

Photo 4.   Another view of this area - looking north with 41st Street  at left.   Red arrow indicates the property issue in question.   WHO LEGALLY DOES THIS BELONG TO - THE MANSION OWNERS OR THE CITY OF NEW YORK?  (Also note this dangerous thoroughfare is a two-way street with absolutely no traffic control signage or device present.   It is a virtual bottleneck with only a 12 foot wide measurement at the hill top.   An accident waiting to happen?   Also, no sidewalks present at Mansion vicinity on either side of this street.  Does the freshly-laid black-top seen in this photo legally indicate the extent of the mansion property?)

Where's the survey of this NYC historic landmark?

Who owns the incline?

Who's in charge here?

What's going on?

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